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A little about us and who we are

Who is CodeMay?

CodeMay is a play on words. Code as in Programming Code (or what we use to build websites) and May as in one of the founding partners’ last name. However, it was also a play on Mayday because the company started as Chief Developer, Jaime May, helping out friends in distress over their website needs. Like sending out a digital mayday signal for help, and CodeMay came to the rescue.

At CodeMay we take the time to understand our clients’ businesses and products to handcraft websites and digital marketing strategies designed to drive in new business. Whether it’s simply building a website, or putting together a comprehensive, multi-faceted, digital marketing strategy, we work to make sure our clients’ digital presences speaks to the correct audience on the correct channels. At CodeMay, our clients are a lot more than just clients; they are our partners in business.

Founding Partners

Jaime May – Chief Developer

CodeMay Co-Founder & Chief Developer Jaime May holding the first ever Bearded Fellow Trophy.

Founding Partner, and CodeMay’s Chief Developer, Jaime started CodeMay as a side project to his existing web development work.  He found his clients were being charged too much from web developers who didn’t deliver on their promises. His passion is to “fight the good fight” in the web development world by producing functional sites with great design for a fair price.  Jaime is an incredible musician & songwriter, enjoys riding his Harley-Davidson around the scenic Pacific Northwest, and has two daughters, Molly & Cambria, with his beautiful wife, Sara.

Andre Adair – President

CodeMay Founding Partner Andre Adair

With years of experience in crafting digital marketing strategies for both small business and large brands, Andre co-founded CodeMay with the belief that having a great digital presence wasn’t reserved just for large brands. His passion for working with small business owners led him to launching a brand dedicated to crafting comprehensive digital strategies for anyone. As President of CodeMay, Andre is involved in every aspect of our partnerships with our clients to ensure they receive the best results possible.  Andre is an avid Ducatista (Ducati motorcycle rider), a geek when it comes to Apple products, and enjoys the time he spends with his wife, Elise, while they both work on the couch.

CodeMay Team

Isaiah Bowling – Chief Designer

CodeMay Chief Designer Isaiah Bowling

There’s a difference between a “good looking” website, and one that offers a unique user experience through intelligent & artistic design. As a Visual Engineer (think Mixologist compared to a basic bartender), Isaiah creates designs with a purpose. Every single part of his design serves to improve functionality and user experience on all the sites CodeMay builds. Before jumping into the Design world, Isaiah served in the U.S. Marine Corps, doing two tours in Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Even though his picture makes him look like a hipster Lex Luthor, he is great to work with. Isaiah enjoys spending time with his wife, Brenda, and their two sons, Eli & Ezra. Isaiah is an avid drummer and enjoys collecting comic books, especially Batman comics.

Taco – VP of Office Morale & Security


We are not above nepotism here at CodeMay. With a title of VP of Office Morale and Security, you’d think Taco would take his job more seriously. But in reality he shows up late to work, sleeps on the job most of the time, yells unexpectedly during meetings, and expects to be paid in treats even though he doesn’t work. But what can you do when he’s related to the boss.